Meet Nemesis
Fastest multi-purpose “bot” with auto mint, sniping, and listing built in.
Built by us; made better by you.
Modules supported


Candy Machine


Magic Eden


+ Custom Sites

We are the most advanced bot in the market. Here’s why.

Redesign and iterated over 4 months.


Nemesis has been out publicly since December 2021.


Since then we have collected all of our user-feedback and completely remade our software , make it all the same animal but different beast.


We all have industry standard features included, with more innovations of our own on top

Sleek, easy to use UI with an expert touch.


Inspired by practices other niches utilize, we have introduced the most modern UI to exist in the space.

Create with Ease

Create your hundred of tasks in seconds with ease via mass-select creation and manage them with task groups.

Optimized to be the fastest, customized to be the best.


Nemesis was engineered through feedbacks and months of iterative testing for the most optimal setting. Run with our default setting or customize our preset options. Countles possibilities are available.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Where can I read more about Wallet Transparency and Wallet Security?

How do I purchase? Is there a user-cap?

Where can I reach out for support?

For customers, please refer to our client Discord channel for relevant support. For public users, you may reach out to one of our social media listed below for general inquiries, or join our public Discord to speak to our team lead directly if you'd like.